TBM Project References for Nick Barton (between 1990 and 2016)

• Reference group member for Kraftbyggarna in Sweden, concerning 9m diameter TBM tunnel for high speed railway through Hallandsås, South Sweden.

• Consultant to NOCON on TBM head race tunnel, Pont Ventoux Hydro Project, Italy concerning problems in faults with water, causing blocked cutter-head.

• Consultant to Statkraft on TBM head race tunnel, Dul Hasti Hydro Project, Kashmir concerning problems in sheared talcy phillites, causing over-excavation voids.

• Consultant to GeoEngineering in Jersey, concerning the ET- Eurotunnel claim involving predictable rock mass conditions in the jointed chalk marl, for early sub-sea km 20-24 of the Channel Tunnel, on the British side of the English Channel.

• TBM Tunnelling in Jointed and Faulted Rock. Book concerning analysis of 145 TBM tunnels case records and development of QTBM prognosis method. Balkema, 172p. (Translated into Chinese: Taiwan 2002 and China 2008).

• Consultant to Skanska International in 1999 for the F1 SSDS Strategic Sewage TBM tunnel in Hong Kong, using the QTBM prognosis model.

• Consultant to Engecorps in 2001 for the planned 16 km long Cuncas Tunnel in the San Francisco water transfer project in Brazil, using the QTBM prognosis model.

• Consultant to Triunfo Contractors in Curitiba, Brazil in 2002 concerning QTBM prognoses for a planned TBM tunnel at the Salto Natal HEP.

• Consultant to Hochtief, Germany in 2003 for QTBM analysis and modelling of a Lesotho TBM tunnel in basalts.

• Expert witness for TBM project in Brisbane, Australia in 2004, where use of some elements of QTBM such as relative block size and inter-block friction were used to demonstrate inferior conditions in the tunnel as compared with core-based predictions.

• Consultant to consortium of contractors concerning TBM or NATM construction of Lot 2 of Line 4 of São Paulo metro, Brazil, in 2004.

• Consultant to Odebrecht contractors (2004) concerning QTBM prognoses, and numerical modelling of stress-fracturing effects, for the 14km, 1 km to 2.3 km deep trans-Andean TBM Olmos Tunnel in Peru, currently suffering predicable and predicted rock burst problems 4 years into this drive.

• Consultant to SRK (2007) on behalf of Anglo American, for TBM performance prediction for the deep, 8 km long Los Bronces mine access tunnel, using core quality logging (Q-histogram method) from numerous deep boreholes, lab tests (NTNU) and the QTBM model. TBM start-up in May 2009.

• Consultant to consortium of contractors concerning TBM or NATM construction of Lot 2 of Line 4 of São Paulo metro, Brazil.

• Consultant to mining consultants SRK and Chilean Mining authority Codelco in 2008, for aspects of design, cost and construction risk for a 20 km long mineral conveyor tunnel, and 30 km of tailings transfer tunnels, some by TBM, for the Nuevo Andina mine expansion in the Andes.

• Expert Panel member in 2009 for 2.5 km deep and 16 km long TBM tunnelling at the Jinping II 4,500 hydroelectric project in China, Ertan Power Company, having high stress and rock-burst problems.

• Study for Norwegian Rail Authority JBV (2009), using extensive rock-exposure statistical Q-logging and use of core and seismic data to enable QTBM prognosis modelling for open-gripper TBM, and for double-shield TBM with push-off-liner where needed, for planned twin high-speed rail tunnels of 7.9 and 9.6 km length, from Oslo to Ski.

• Evaluation for Norsk Hydro of feasibility of planned Santa Maria HEP headrace tunnel in N. Peru, using Q and QTBM, for 28 km tunnel with many kilometres of more than 2 km overburden, maximum 2.4 to 2.6 km. Hybrid drill-and-blast and TBM solution suggested to avoid TBM in weaker rock.

• Analysis of TBM progress in Petrobras’s 5 km long gas pipeline Gastau Tunnel driven in exceptionally massive granites for Shaft Consultoria, and for Ghella, and Qtbm modelling of multiple 500 m blindhole shaft drilling, for Shaft Drillers International and Brasfond, SE Brazil.

• Consultant to Iranian Water Power Company IWPC concerning possible solutions for the Nosoud TBM tunnel, where two TBM have suffered long delays due to huge water ingress in limestones in the Zagros area of S.W. Iran.

• Consultant to Farab Engineering Co. as member of panel of experts in Sri Lanka concerning possible solutions for the excessively leaking Uma Oya TBM-driven headrace tunnel, which has caused widespread drawdown of the water table.

TBM publications:

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QTBM Figures. Click to enlarge:

Stage-by-stage 'excavation' of the TBM tunnel with appropriate properties for each domain,
as based on Q-histogram logging of deep core, and special lab abrasion tests.